New River - Desert Hills
Incorporation Committee

Get Informed. Then Decide.


2019 Events

February 7, 8-9am
Breakfast with Supervisor Bill Gates
Deer Valley Airport

February 8, 9-10:30am
Representative Town Hall Meeting (NR/DHCA)
Anthem Civic Building
3701 Anthem Way

  1. Volunteer meeting
  2. First public meeting held by NRDHIC




Incorporating won't raise property taxes.​

Is a smaller form of local government.​

Does not affect the existing districts.

Property tax requires a vote.

Our own local government would in essence replace the county board of supervisors.

Fire, Water, and School district areas, services, and budget are not affected.

Preserve New River - Desert Hills

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Who Are We?

What Are We Doing?

What is the Next Step?

The core members of the committee are Laurie Ricci, Angie Faber, Ron Bentley, Steve Scharboneau Jr, and Roger Cottam. As Arizona exponentially grows in population, and the urban sprawl creeps north, there will be growth in New River-Desert Hills. As change and growth comes upon the New River-Desert Hills area, negative effects on the ecosystem are inevitable. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the rural lifestyle the citizens of this area have come to love and enjoy. It is our belief that in order to ensure that the inevitable growth is done responsibly, and growth that is guided with the best interest of the people that directly live in our beloved community, we will need some local control over that growth. If New River-Desert Hills is to remain rural and have the ability to protect the citizens and their land, there must be a stronger central body and funds to draw upon. Incorporation would provide this and more. We are a dedicated group of volunteers who wish to bring incorporation to the community for a vote.
Our sole purpose, at this time is to: (1) understand the procedural process of moving forward with incorporation, (2) bring the community credible information on the facts surrounding incorporation, (3) gather community input and feedback on this idea, and (4) give the community the chance to voice their opinion in the most American way of all, by casting a vote. These are extremely complicated endeavors and we appreciate your patience during the process. As to our previous stated goals, preliminary research shows that it would be economically feasible, and that there is a legally permissible option for drawing a border ( See Maps).
Now that we have preliminary boundaries and a feasibility budget, we need to raise funds to hire a land surveyor to get official boundaries drawn along with a legal description. Once this is done, we can move forward with asking our neighbors for official permission in the form of a signed resolution. This will involve rallying for donations and meeting with surrounding municipalities. We cannot do this without help from the community, any amount of donation helps immensely and gets us closer to our goal of allowing the community to vote on control of their destiny. We are offering space on our website for local businesses that would like to make a donation.

What Have We Done?

In the beginning, we started by researching other towns' expenditures and revenues, state statutes regarding the formation and powers of municipalities, the geographic area’s water table and well density, potential zoning regulations, and the state shared revenue system. To solidify our research, we met with three attorneys to discuss legal issues and the requirements for incorporation and inquired with the Arizona League of Cities and Towns.

State statute requires that our area obtain permission from surrounding municipalities within 6 miles that caused the incorporated area to exist. In an effort to gather information that will aid in successfully obtaining permission from our neighbors, we have sent out letters in the form of “a request for input” to: Phoenix, Cave Creek, Scottsdale, and Peoria. In response, we have received correspondence from Cave Creek, Scottsdale and Phoenix. Phoenix informed us that they assembled a legal team to work with us, Cave Creek invited us to have a time slot in their Town Council Meeting (1/2/18), and we met with leaders of Scottsdale government on 1/12/2018.

Further, we met with the mayor of Dewey-Humboldt (1/10/18). They are a comparable municipality and have valuable advice and input regarding what a city can do to control development. Also, we took a few trip to our State Capitol to meet with the Arizona Senator in our district, Senator Karen Fann, and also to meet with State Representative Kevin Payne. They both had very valuable insights on how to move forward, and even provided us with some of their legal research resources.
Cities are only required to provide Police Service, Road Maintenance, and Administration. We have been in contact with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to discuss options for contracting police services. We have received some rough numbers, but because the proposed boundaries have not been firmly established, they cannot give us firm estimates. We have also reached out to MCDOT and collaborated with other city and town maintenance departments to gather data. This will aide in feasibility calculations.
We looked into Fire Protection (which is not required to be provided by a town). After consulting with the League of Towns and Cities we found that the district would be unaffected by incorporation. Laurie attended a daylong seminar hosted by the Arizona League of Towns and Cities where they educated individuals on the intricacies of the interworking of municipalities. She learned a wealth of information at this seminar and continues he education on these topics daily.

The filing station that EPCOR recently put in was a primary focus for us while negotiations were going on. We were diligent in keeping in touch with Troy Day at EPCOR to make sure that the filling station off Desert Hills Dr. would be installed on-time. We maintained a healthy relationship and made sure that he knew the people of New River and Desert Hills Loves EPCOR. Results were successful.
Six of us met with Supervisor Bill Gates and his staff downtown to discuss Incorporation, Development, Water Issues, and the New River/Daisy Mountain Area plan (2/14/18). Since then, we have attended various events with Supervisor Gates and his Staff. We continue to maintain a working relationship with Supervisor Gates and his staff.

We received an email from the Phoenix City Clerk's office (3/16/2018) indicating that the City has been getting input from their departments and is preparing to brief their City Council. We received a response from the City of Peoria on 3/27/2018 which they have assured us that they have a team working on our request for input.

We have spoken with Tom Belshe, Deputy Director of the League of Cities and Towns, who recommended several municipal law attorneys, and other resources.

The Arizona League of Cities and Towns has provided us with an accurate estimate of what the hypothetical town would receive in state shared revenue and this has allowed us to put together a feasibility budget. ( See Archives for more information on state shared revenue). We gathered data from various agencies and like situated municipalities to construct a feasibility budget. Preliminary results show that a surplus of funds would be available for the hypothetical town to save or spend on improvements. This is without raising any taxes or collecting any fees, but ONLY from the state shared revenue system.
After doing a budget on our own, we hired an expert to check our work. We hired Pat Walker to hear from an unbiased expert if incorporation is really economically feasible. Pat Walker of Pat Walker Consulting, LLC. Pat has been working with municipalities for near 30 years. 17 of which she spent working for the city of Chandler. She also works very closely with the Arizona League of Cities and Towns. She is the leading expert in her field in the State of Arizona. If anyone would know how to calculate the feasibility of a City, it is Pat Walker.
After studying the area, consulting with various attorneys, locals, and surrounding municipalities and researching legal standards we have been able to construct a preliminary map. ( See Maps). This map will need to eventually be much more technical, but it is a preliminary map that gives the community and other entities we will need to confer with an idea of what the map would most likely look like. We are now in the process of discussing possible changes with Anthem and surrounding municipalities while at the same time raising money to hire a land surveyor. ( PLEASE DONATE). We have met with Phoenix Interim Mayor Williams and her legal team and will be having another meeting shortly to get input for the boundaries. This is the next step.
On 8/29/18, with the help of many of our volunteers, we were able to bring two of the State’s leading experts on incorporation and municipal budgets. At our public meeting, we had the pleasure to introduce Tom Belshe to the community and he gave an in depth look at what it takes to incorporate and what it means for our area. Next, we had Pat Walker present the budget she carefully calculated and explain each line item. Both experts answered questions. Before the presentation, we handed out information packets, and had various stations set up with volunteers ready to discuss and answer questions. The turnout was amazing. We had about 300 community members show up and we were able to engage in some very productive conversation with the community.
When the community learned about the proposed development off of Jenny Lin Road, they were immediately concerned. They were especially concerned with how far the development was in the process and why nobody had been notified until it was almost too late. The NRDHIC rallied individuals to attend a scheduled public meeting. Standing in the room with four chairs, they were not ready for us. The community was clear in that growth is happening, but we want responsible growth.
Our Core Member, Steven Scharboneau Jr. applied to be on the Rio Vista Village Planning Committee and was quickly appointed by former Mayor of Phoenix, Mayor Stanton. Again, we made sure people knew about the information regarding the next meeting where the planning committee would vote. After careful evaluation of the proposal, Steven made a motion to recommend a denial of the development and a unanimous vote was to follow. Subsequently, the developers have withdrawn their application. 
Aside from our large public meeting, we have had many other smaller volunteer meetings and events. Recently, on 09/30/18, we hosted a community meet and greet at Wranglers Roost. The outcome was fantastic. We had a bounce house for the kids, a cotton candy machine, an ice cream truck (that’s right, an ice cream truck) and enough food to feed an army. Also, we have had many volunteer meetings where supporters get together and discuss solutions and ideas moving forward. Our volunteer numbers are growing every day. If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the contact tab and send us a message. If you want to help, but don’t have the time just click on the donate link. We cannot do this without help from the community.