Angela Faber
Core Member

Angie Faber is a loving wife, mother and an active community volunteer . She is also a Native of Arizona. Her and her husband, Scott, have been together for nineteen years and they purchased their home in New River, Arizona in 2001. “We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase a home on five acres of land and have a place to raise our kids in the “country”. I love the calmness and easygoing lifestyle.”
Angie has been involved in the community since 1996. Her husband, Scott, serves the community as an Engineer and Paramedic with the Fire District encompassing New River and Desert Hills. Scott has served with the Daisy Mountain Fire Department for twenty-two years. Angie is sure to stay active in the community by consistently volunteering at the New River Elementary School and further by giving the community a voice at various meetings that are held with local organizations as well as the County. She has also been attending fire board meetings for years. “Paying attention to what is going on in the community is half of the battle. So many things can easily slip through the cracks. Smaller government would bring a more responsive governance to our area. A governance by the people that live in New River and Desert Hills, for the people that live in New River and Desert Hills.”

Angie was a medical insurance billing specialist. Through this profession she honed an impeccable ability to show attention to detail. She uses this skill today in the successful operation a small business that she owns, Sell it All Estate Sales. Angie uses her community ties and knowledge of the area to contribute to the New River – Desert Hills Incorporation Committee as a core member of the Committee. She has been involved with the effort since the Committee’s infancy and has proven to be a valuable asset. “To me, incorporating means the ability to bring the regulations closer to home. We understand New River and Desert Hills. Our community could more effectively work together to keep our lifestyle that we all cherish with binding legal authority that prevents big government from interfering.”