Daniel Rice

I moved to New River about 18 months ago. Living in the city of Phoenix was no longer an option for me as I didn't want to live with my neighbors right on top of me. I have been a single dad for most of the last 10 years. Shortly after moving to New River I started to take notice of issues like water usage, the aquifer, and mini developments going in all over. I learned about incorporation accidentally and though initially I was very much against it, I soon found that I could not find any options that I felt would protect New River. In the absence of any alternative, I began to listen objectively to the benefits that incorporation offers. I recognize there are a few risks, as there are with any worthwhile endeavor, but to me the biggest risk of all is doing nothing and rolling over to accept the fate that I feel the city of Phoenix has eventually planned for the whole area. I will still listen to any plan that does not require incorporation that also guarantees protection from the City of Phoenix.