Debbie Joy

I originally moved to AZ in 1976, right out of college. A few years later my husband and I purchased 2.5 acres of land north of Happy Valley Rd. near where Central Ave. would be someday. It took a serious 4-wheel drive to get to our property then. A few years later we had to sell that land, but I always wanted to live on acreage, away from the city or HOA rules and regulations. After leaving AZ for the Northeast for several years, we purchased 2.5 acres in Desert Hills in 1999 planning to move and build a house “someday” – that day came a couple months later and we began planning our new home. There was no Tramonto, no anything along Carefree Highway until you got to 7 th St. and then nothing until Cave Creek Rd. I told my husband to take a good look because it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Anthem was just getting started, but fortunately we can’t see it due to being surrounded by hills/mountains. After retiring from a 40 year career in high tech in 2015, I wanted to get more involved locally since I was seeing the writing on the walls, that our rural lifestyle was going to disappear if something wasn’t done to stop the continual encroachment by Phoenix and the wildcat development going on in New River and Desert Hills – this is why I got involved with the Incorporation Committee since I don’t see any other way of stopping the risk to our community.