Fund Raising


Our volunteer group has been growing! Get out in your community, meet your neighbors, and work to preserve our NRDH lifestyle.

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Auction - Coming soon (November 2018)

We are holding an auction of donated items to support incorporation efforts. The auction will be all online so you can browse the items and bid on them for purchase. If you win the item you'll benefit, and proceeds will go to preserving NRDH. Win - Win!

Donate Items
If you'd like to donate items that can be auctioned off by NRDHIC please contact us for more information. A few examples are: $ toward services you provide as a business, BOGO offers on your products, or maybe you are clearing out your clutter that might be of use to others. Let's have some fun with an auction!

Your Name or Business Name
Item Description
Item Title
Item Value
Once we've had a chance to review your item, we'll request pictures and other details so we can add it to the auction. Thank you for your generousity!

Clothing Drives

Shoe and clothing drives are in the works. Don't throw out your usable clothing - save it until we can get a drive going to donate to a good cause, and benefit the incorporation effort.

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