Heidi and Reid Stewart

We have been married 44 years with 7 children and 15 grandchildren. We have lived at Wranglers Roost in New River for 10 years with our three generations. Prior to that we farmed in Idaho raising wheat, potatoes, alfalfa, sugar beets, and cattle on 3500 acres. We enjoy our New River property and hope that in 100 years our great grandchildren can enjoy it as well. We appreciate all the committee has done for our community. In Idaho we lived in a small town, where we were personally acquainted with the mayor, town council, first responders as well as the county leadership. We think our voice was heard on local issues. It’s much different in this giant county where New River’s vote is such a small fraction of the voting body. We feel like New River’s voice is too small. We think the Incorporation Committee is working toward a smaller government where New River’s voice can be heard.​