Roger Cottam
Core Member

Roger was born and raised in New River, returning here after exploring the Bay Area and Munich, Germany. The Cottams have a long history in New River - going back to the early 70's. Roger’s folks brought their family of five kids to New River from Phoenix for open space. Later, the Cottams would have three more children, born in New River. Roger was the first of those three. “The entire family loves to come back for a visit and enjoy the memories together. We tromped all over these New River hills as kids and preserving that opportunity for others is important to me.”
Roger went to New River Elementary School where his three daughters attend now. “Our future is here in New River, and we want to preserve it the way it is for as long as possible - knowing that growth will occur, and we'll be welcoming in new neighbors to the community.”

Roger’s education and professional experience has equipped him with technical and organizational skills that are invaluable to the Committee. As a Core Member of the Committee, he develops ideas into reality, operates the Committee’s web page, adds structure to the committee with digital organization and collaborates with the other core members and volunteers.

Roger attended the University of Advancing Technology, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree and his Master of Science degree. He earned both of these degrees with highest honors and a 4.0 GPA. Since then, he has worked in diverse fields such as architectural drafting, 3D graphics and VR, engineering digital mockups for automobiles and aircrafts, biometric device testing for the government, and other software development fields. He has worked for a variety of companies as a software developer, including Ping where he participated in several patents as the Director of Software Apps.

Roger is currently the Vice President of Engineering for ZipSit, in Scottsdale Arizona. He lives in New River and is a proud father of three wonderful daughters and dedicate husband to a wife who generously volunteers her free time to the community school. “I have a lot of nostalgia for the area and want to keep it close to what it has always been for me. I realize growth is going to happen - but want it to happen with our community's input, and hopefully some level of local control.” His father also lives on five acres in New River, right down the road from him. “Dad is here on five acres, and I bought five down the road. I plan to stay here for the rest of my days and hope to pass on the life to my kids.”