Ron Bentley
Core Member

Ron Bentley is a prominent community member who is well known for his research ability and gumption to take on any problem the community faces. Ron has been a New River Resident since 1984. Prior to living in New River, Ron lived in unincorporated county on 83rd Avenue, in what now is known as Peoria. “I lived in unincorporated county on 83rd Ave. until Peoria annexed it in 1983 and lets us know pretty quick that my horses and I were not welcome.”
After searching all over the County, he found a place to set in his roots. Falling in love with New River’s majestic beauty, Ron raised all four of his, now grown, children here. Ron is known for his tenacious personality and for his involvement in attempting to keep New River Rural. “I have been active in the community from the beginning. I opposed the outlet mall, we lost. I opposed the building of master planned Anthem, we lost. I fought the annexation west of I-17, got what I feel was a major concession from City of Phoenix. They stopped eight-miles south of their original plan. I fought the truck stop, and I got some concessions there as well.”

Ron Bentley’s dedication and time spent protecting this area has all but gone unnoticed. Ron Bentley has been interviewed and featured on KJZZ, NoPho News, Channel 3 AZ Family News, and various other news outlets.

Now, along with working, keeping up on his New River horse property, and attending various community meetings, Ron is also a valued asset and Core Member of the New River Desert Hills Incorporation Committee. When asked about incorporation, Ron says: “I was for incorporation in the 90's. That fell short because of Dell Webb's millions. I still think incorporation is the only way to save what’s left of New River and Desert Hills.”