Steve Scharboneau Jr.
Founder and Core Member

For Steve Scharboneau, being a father comes first. As an Arizona native, family and community hold a special place in his heart. Steve’s roots are grounded in New River, Arizona. He grew up running through the desert, building forts out of overgrown mesquite trees and playing in the New River washes during the monsoon seasons. Now, most of his immediate family continues to live in New River or Desert Hills as well as some of his closest friends.
“The rural characteristics of New River and Desert Hills is unlike any other region in the State. It is a place close enough to the city to work and play – yet far enough away to escape the urban displeasures. Because of the proximity to the fifth largest city in the country, the urban displeasures are at our precious area’s back door. We must come together as a community to protect our area’s rural characteristics and the lifestyle that comes with it.”

He graduated with honors from the University of Arizona earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government, with an emphasis in Law and Public Policy, and a Pre-Law Thematic Minor. Currently, Steven is in his last year of law school at the Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. When he is not studying, parenting, or working on community projects, he spends his time working at a criminal defense firm protecting the constitutional rights of the accused. Steven has his share of experience in the field of professional and legal research. This is displayed by his time serving as a research assistant for the Honorable Michael D. Jones and both his legal and professional research certifications from Lexis Nexis Advance.

Steven also serves on the Rio Vista Village Planning Committee. He was appointed to this volunteer position by the former Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton. This Advisory Committee makes planning and zoning recommendations to the Phoenix Planning Commission – who in turn makes a recommendation to the Council – who in turn makes the ultimate decision on the matter at hand.

As a core member and founder of the New River-Desert Hills Incorporation Committee, Steve hopes to help guide research and bring the community information on the possibility of having local control to solve some of the current issues the community is facing, such as: over development, water shortages, and governance that is closely tied to the community.

“Ultimately, it is the Committee’s goal to bring this thing to a vote. Incorporation is a complicated and personal topic for all of us. Every registered voter within the proposed towns boundaries will have the chance to voice their opinion in the most American way of all, by casting a vote.”